52 Teapots

52 Teapots Project.

Started in January 2013, this will be a year-long exploration of the teapot form.

Initiated by a fellow potter and friend, Melissa Bridgman. She is doing a "52 Pitcher" challenge, and I thought it would be great practice to do something similar.

The idea is that we would produce one teapot/pitcher per week for the entire year. I know that that schedule will not work for me. I like to work in multiples, so I will be aiming for 52 teapots over the course of the year. Not working on a weekly schedule, but more likely a monthly schedule. Some weeks making more, some weeks not making any at all.

Why teapots? Well, teapots are challenging for me. I spend most of my time making cake stands. And a teapot is a completely different design challenge. There are multiple parts that have to work together- body, lid, spout, handle. Plus any design elements.

I expect this to be an exploration. I don't know how many will actually make it to the final product, I imagine some will get thrown out along the way.

Now- on to the teapots!!! I will be posting photos of each one (unfired, unglazed, in the greenware stage.)






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bridgmanpottery said...

so tickled to see these up here- looking good! I haven't finished #6 yet. :)