52 Teapots: 7-10

Spouts. And the first one that I really like!

#7. So completely not what I had been looking for when I started this project. But oh! I really really like you. Quirky. Bold. Simple but intriguing. Yes. I think I love you.

After finishing and glaze firing my previous lug teapot (#4), I gave it a try. I found it comfortable. I also looked online at some other lug-handled teapots. And found that ergonomically, the handle should angle upward a bit. I hadn't been planning on making anymore lug handles for this round of teapots, but I was curious. So I will be firing and glazing this one soon, too. And giving it a test run. I think my next batch will focus on this type of handle.

The spout is short and sweet. I think it may need to be longer, like #8-10. But I really enjoyed the overall look of the short spout contrasting with the dramatic lug handle. So there you go, aesthetics over function. 





So these definitely took a turn toward the classical. I knew part of my struggle would be "stumpy" spouts. And with these, I was attempting to have a longer, more elegant spout. 

I'm certainly gaining a better understanding of teapots. I am trying to work through them without relying too heavily on looking at images of teapots online. (Mainly because, I will get sucked down into an endless vortex of pottery/artists/forms/links, links, links and never return.)

Winners this week are #7 and #8. I will admit to rushing the handles on 8-10. I was intending to do "overhead" handles (#6) but was trying to get everything finished up before heading out of town for a few days. Because I hate having half-finished work hanging over my head while I'm away from the studio. So there. I just rushed 'em. 


Cadry's Kitchen said...

Such great work! I love hearing about your process.

bridgmanpottery said...

#7 is almost anthropomorphic. love.

jeanette said...

Thanks Cadry's Kitchen and Melissa! I'm enjoying working on them. Interesting to see my own progress and how my view of teapots is changing. So many bits and pieces go into a well-made teapot. Not an easy task!

Karrie treating ceramics said...

Your pottery pieces are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog :)