Yes, yes. I'm still here. I'm still making pottery.

Well, well, well. Look who it is. A long-lost pottery blogger. Back for another round!

It has been a busy and fun summer. Lots of hikes were hiked. Lots of pots were potted.

But let's just jump in. I had happily been enjoying my studio days outside. I put the glazing station outside and was able to enjoy outdoor glazing from June until last week. It is finally time to move it back indoors. The infamous Portland rains have started. Which means a general slowdown in the studio. Things are drying MUCH slower now.

Which is good. I'm looking forward to a slower pace in the studio and a little winter hibernation.

I'm hoping to take some time to work on new skills and explore some different areas that I've left largely ignored for the last year. Website revamp? Drawing practice? Making Kenn finally teach me to screenprint?

Speaking of Kenn, he is now the head of shipping. A much needed position. Doing it all was getting to be too much for me. So now he is head of photography and shipping. And helping me stay on top of emails. And reminding me when to go outside and enjoy the day.

Giving over job of shipping has allowed me to do some work that isn't just order fulfillment. Like finally reworking my spoons for the salt cellar. The old spoon was a little to "delicate." This new version is a bit heftier and more interesting. I really like how it came out. I made a 2-part press mold. I will have to update my old spoon tutorial to reflect this new method.

AND I took an online pattern course to learn how to make patterns in photoshop and illustrator using my own drawings. I've been wanting to gain some experience with photoshop- I often feel overwhelmed when trying to do the smallest graphic design task. This class was the perfect introduction. I learned about both programs and made good progress in feeling more comfortable using them. Plus, I got some great patterns! If you are looking to learn- I took Jessica Swift's class Pattern Camp. Highly recommend.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully you are enjoying your year, too! 


Gina said...

Your née spoon design is terrific! I'm photoshop challenged ever since I had to buy a newer version of Elements. One day I hope to relearn the basics for it.

jeanette said...

Thanks Gina! I generally avoid photoshop as much as possible, but knew I needed to sit down and learn it if I am going to revamp website/design ads/create catalog etc... Since I'm not too excited about doing those things, I've generally ignored it. However, it is finally time. And this class was a good intro into getting started.