Update and a SALE!

First things first. If you pop over to my website- I am having a SALE on ready-to-ship items. I have lots of one-offs and some general stock available right now.

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I don't often have sales, so take advantage of it if you can.

This sale does not apply to made-to-order items or vegandish or my etsy shop. Only the available items on my website. Thank you!

I have a variety of mishima pieces, like these lovelies:

I am working through the mishima process and looking for that elusive thing that I am looking for. That "bam" that I imagine most potters are looking for. I feel like it is hiding in this process, and yet I haven't quite found it. That's not to say that I don't like these pieces, because I do. Its just to say that these are likely still going to evolve a bit.

I have been working in my new studio for about 2 months. And done my first craft fair here. (thanks to any of you that came out to Crafty Wonderland!) Now I'm in that almost inevitable winter slow-down. And the change of weather from what we are used to isn't helping.

Another part of it is that I am in the process of switching clays. I moved here with a supply of my favorite clay, but that is running out. So I've been playing around with what is available to me here. I think I have found it- but I still have more testing to do. And, quite naturally, because the new clay is different it is leading me to think about my pottery differently. I've been trying some new things and keep putting in "learner" pieces into the kiln.

I often feel like my process is mostly intuition. I feel the clay and know when it is "right." The right dryness, the right thickness, the right form. So much of process is done in this focused/unfocused state. So these test pieces, while odd or interesting to the outside viewer, reveal a plethora of information to me. Leading to more questions. Hardly ever to answers.

Here is a peek at some of the "learner" pieces I've pulled out of the kiln lately:

I will admit that I am in love with that red. And I'm not a red person. But I do think I will be adding that to my color palette!

Along with thinking about glazes and colors, I'm also pondering new forms. But mostly I'm thinking about plates. I made a fair amount of dinnerware last year and really grew to love making plates. So I've been making plates, too. The black and red (!) set is for my brother. It is a long overdue wedding gift (they just celebrated their 3-year anniversary.) The ruffles are just something lovely that has been whispering in my ear to get made. And the bottom plate is some more mishima exploration.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope that everyone is enjoying their new year and the winter season.



Frostine said...

The red and black dishes are GORGEOUS! I love seeing all your wares.

Looking at Ceramics said...

Great post! I really like a lot of the stuff in here. Thanks for all the pics and info!

Dorothy said...

The new style designs on last pic are amazing!

Nancy Jorden said...

I have been looking for ceramic tiles. I don't know where to go to find some. Does anyone know where I can find a place?

Chem Engineering said...

Best of these are red and black dishes!