Weekend studio vacation- to go work in another studio!

This weekend, I'm headed over to Mudfire. A beautiful facility in Decatur, GA. I'm taking a workshop with Martha Grover. Three days of working and learning. I'm pretty excited! I haven't take a workshop in a couple of years.

In case you are wondering, the transition of having Kenn help with management/organization is going great. We are working well together and it has been a huge improvement for me. Orders are being processed in a more timely fashion and things are going where they are supposed to go. It is a real relief to feel like I am on the other side of the problem and that my business is doing what it should. I know longer cringe when I go to read my emails or answer questions.

I have been writing a much longer and heavier blog post about what this year has been like for me, and for those I love. But I think I will leave that for another day. Let's just enjoy these days. Have hope, my friends. It is what pushes us through to the next day- and the day after that.

Hopefully, you are like me and enjoying lots of seasonal fruits right now. If not- get yourself to a farmers market!!
(photos by Kenn- he does more than just organize my business! He takes great photos, too.)


Alina said...

Dear Jeanette,

I´ve recently discovered your products on Etsy and I love them, I like the colours, I like all the shapes and most of all I like the fact that they are vegan.
Regarding this, I have a questions. Are your products fired twice? Or do you fire them once and then apply the paint? I´m asking this because normally ceramics products are fired twice, but I´m not aware of any vegan glaze which could resist at over 1000 grads Celsius so this means, they are fired once and painted with acrylics? Are they food safe in this case?

Thank you for your reply. BR.Alina

jeanette said...

Hi Alina,

My pottery is fired twice. The components of most pottery is mined from the earth- meaning they are derived from minerals, not from animal sources. One should be aware of bone china and bone ash, but these are not terribly common in handmade pottery.
I formulate my glazes from earth elements that are mined. Not from any type of animal slaughter.

(some elements are from the decomposition of animal bones over millions of years- talc, for example. But these are not currently made from animal production. They are mined from the earth. Much like petroleum and fossil fuels.)

Feel free to email me at jeanettezeis@gmail.com, if you have any further questions. Or if you have a correction for me!