Celebrate and have some cake!

I have been out of the studio for a couple of days. It is calling, but life managed to butt itself into my cozy little world. Things sometimes have to be taken care of, you know. I can't spend everyday drinking coffee and staring at a pile of bisqued pots, eagerly waiting for their final glaze firing.

This little wonderful picture showed up today. It is one of my personalized cake stands and the most awesome expression of excitement ever. Who loves cake? This girl!

From the sweet blog, Raising Nell.

And that sweet, excited, overjoyed face gave me pause. A second to breath. And to know that, well, everything really is alright. Things move along. Days are celebrated. People get to eat cake!

So here's to Nell and her first birthday. May she celebrate them all with the same sense of excitement and joy!

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