vegan mofo: monochromatic meal.

This happens rather often in our house. Once dinner is plated, I realize everything is the same color. Though it is usually in the white/cream/brown family. And not the green family. Huh.

I was going to make carrot and potato soup. Which I did, but I kicked it up a notch by adding curry seasonings. Delicious.

And we attempted fried chicken tofu, using K.'s grandma's (real chicken) recipe. With some minor tweaking, this will be a new staple, I think. It was pretty tasty, but missing the crispy exterior.

And a biscuit.


Anonymous said...

that happens to me too and my Mother used to serve up Monchromatic meals too, must run in the family!

It looks tasty though, even if it is all the same colour!

Anonymous said...

yum yum... it's that soupy time of year, i've been checking in and salivating