where are you inspiration??!!

Ugh. I hate this. But I seem to run in cycles. 2 weeks productive inspiration. 3-4 days of forced work... Luckily it usually runs alongside of my firing schedule. So when I'm not feeling inspired, I have a load of bisque to glaze and then photograph and edit. Which eats up a couple of days. Take a day off to "clean the apartment" and then I'm ready to head back in.

But its been almost a week. I just don't want to make anything.

So I have been re-reading my favorite pottery books, British Studio Ceramics in the 20th Century, by Paul Rice and Christopher Gowing (on amazon.) I was going to post pictures, but realized that would be an infringement of copyright. I will post just one picture of the cover:

It is a great book. With wonderful biographies of lots of potters. Really a nice way to pass a couple of evenings.

I was lucky to be introduced to the work of Lucie Rie early in my pottery instruction. And feel blessed to have seen her work in person at the Metropolitan. You can clearly see her inspiration in my early work. I used to make bottles all the time. I don't think I've made forms like this in 5 years.

(I took some photos of a few old pots and put them on my flickr, if interested.)


Linda Starr said...

Loved your old pots, especially the blue bowl. When I have a lack of inspiration, I have what I call a dink day, visit galleries, to to lunch, take it easy and get away from it all.

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