learning hurts my brain.

I've been working with lino-prints and clay. Lots of fun, but I'm having trouble getting the results I'm looking for consistently. I was using semi-dried underglaze as the "ink" and using a brayer for application. But getting the underglaze to the right consistency was difficult and then it would only last a couple of passes.

Shawna, of Pinkkiss, suggested oxides plus linseed oil. Which I tried today. Fabulous!!! Really beautiful and clean prints. But it limits my palette to just oxides. I want color and lots of color choices.

So I tried the linseed with mason/spectrum stains. Didn't work nearly as well as the oxides. When I came home from the studio I looked up the msds sheets for the stains, figuring they must contain some sort of filler that doesn't work well with the oil. Turns out, they contain silica. I'm guessing that is what is changing the results.

Maybe a water-based gel medium will work better. I don't know, but I'm willing to try! If anyone has any suggestions, I'm listening.


[nancy + andy] said...

If you haven't already, check out Image Transfer on Clay by Andrew Wandless - there are slip recipes in the back of the book which should help give the stains more body and allow you to use them more like your underglazes.
I know what you mean about the lern'n process - I've been struggling with a simple brown stain that is driving me crazy.
Good Luck!

judsculpt said...

You could try glycerine with your underglaze stains as a vehicle.Judy

Linda Starr said...

I've been experimenting with stains and oxides, but brush applying them, so I am not help. Love the lavender dots.

jeanette said...

Thanks! I'll keep trying...

I tried the glycerine, but it just doesn't have enough "tack". (Don't know if I'm using that word right.)