Road trip!

I recently went to Richmond, VA to do an artist market and visit a friend (mostly to visit a friend, the market was just a good excuse to get out of town.)

This is the "Big Peach" water tower that is near the border of North Carolina and South Carolina. As a kid growing-up in South Carolina, whenever we passed the Big Peach it meant we were in for a LONG ride. (Actually, it still means that I am in for a long ride.) Usually seen on the way to my grandparents homes in New Jersey.

At the artist market, my booth was located directly across from the Duke's mayonnaise truck. Check out the face on that kid. What's the deal?
They were handing out cups of mayonnaise and with a couple of potato chips. Now, don't get me wrong, I love junk food....ALOT, but mayonnaise and potato chips? Ew.

This is Scoops McAlister. He is just about the most adorable.

Quirk Gallery
bought a few pieces. I am excited to be part of their shop. And it rained. And we ate at a really good vegetarian restaurant. And it is good to be home.

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