VeganDish website. Pictures wanted!

I've been working on my VeganDish website for several months now. Since this is not something that comes naturally to me, its been a bit of a challenge (even using a template). And continues to be a work in progress.

Since I've seen many great photos of VeganDishes in use, I thought I would include a section of "Dishes in Action". Especially since I'm a vegan-food-blog reader and admirerer. And especially since my own attempts at food photography have been not good because:

1. I don't cook as much as I should.
2. I really am not a good photographer. Shots of my pottery is about all I can manage.

So here is my call for photographs! Got a picture of your favorite Vegan mug in action? Send it my way! I'd love to include it!

(Now, who want to volunteer to help rebuild jeanettezeis.com? Trade you for a set of dishes...seriously.)


Carla Kaiser said...

I went to jeanettezeis.com right before I read this post, I think it looks beautiful the way it is...

Caitlin said...

Ooo, someone's gonna get a lovely deal! I pointed my hubby to your site...my bday's coming up. :) Love my mug so much!