NOW we can get 2013 started.

Sure, we are over half-way through January. But I'm now ready to start 2013. Or maybe that is just yesterday's yoga class talking. Whatever, I will take it!

I like to think of the new year as a time to reflect and plan. And this year is no different. But I think 2013 is holding some big surprises for us. We are contemplating a big move out of Atlanta, and I'm hoping to change the direction of my business. Both of these things are scary for us.

But, let's start with the "easy" stuff.

I started a "52 Teapot" challenge. Initiated by a fellow potter and friend, Melissa Bridgman. She is doing a "52 Pitcher" challenge, and I thought it would be great practice to do something similar.

The idea is that we would produce one teapot/pitcher per week for the entire year. I know that that schedule will not work for me. I like to work in multiples, so I will be aiming for 52 teapots over the course of the year. Not working on a weekly schedule, but more likely a monthly schedule. Some weeks making more, some weeks not making any at all.

Why teapots? Well, teapots are challenging for me. I spend most of my time making cake stands. And a teapot is a completely different design challenge. There are multiple parts that have to work together- body, lid, spout, handle. Plus any design elements.

I expect this to be an exploration. I don't know how many will actually make it to the final product, I imagine some will get thrown out along the way.

Here are the first three. These are in the greenware stage (unfired, unglazed, unfinished)




Basically, I took this form (which I was already making this week)-you can see that it has the same body.

I added the spout and a handle- and now there is a teapot. Sure, a short and stumpy teapot. But its a decent start. Something to build on. I'm excited to see all the different teapots. I have a lot of ideas already- from different forms to fun decorating ideas. Hopefully, in the end, I will have better understanding of what makes a coherent and elegant teapot.
Ready? Let's go! 



Unknown said...

These might be short, but they are adorable! Great challenge...I find the whole spout thing SO difficult. I am spout challenged, for sure :) Any tips?

jeanette said...

Thank you!

I, too, find the spouts to be challenging. That is part of why I took on this project. I am hoping that as I move through it, I will gain a better understanding of making a balanced teapot. And spouts are a big part of that.
So hopefully, I will be sharing some tips some time in the near future!