For the vegans- keychains for (almost) free.

This weekend there is an event in the beautiful city of Portland, OR that I wish I was attending. The Vida Vegan Con. A conference for vegan bloggers. Loads of workshops and fun for vegan bloggers/ non-vegan bloggers/vegan non-bloggers.

The list of speakers is just amazing- http://vidavegancon.com/2013-vvc/2013-speakers/
I suspect that everyone attending will walk away feeling more than a little inspired and ready to take on the world.

If you are attending, I am a proud sponsor of this event. And also, look in the bottom of your grab bag! You will probably find a cute little keychain made by me.

Just a little token of thanks to all the amazing vegan bloggers out there who thrill me with beautiful recipes and inspiring words. The path of veganism is a bit odd for outsiders to think about, but when I meet a fellow vegan- I know that we (probably) share a love for animals and the earth. And that means a great deal to me.

So, while you may not find me commenting. Please know that there are lots of people like me- looking at vegan blogs- feeling connected and grateful for the internet.

Thank you so much!

ps- have a great time in Portland!! It is crazy, awesome there- right?!?!

pps- if you aren't going to Vida Vegan Con this weekend but really would like a vegan keychain in your life, I have a handful to give away for virtually free (sorry, I couldn't get the shopping cart to work for $0.00) HERE

ppps *** also, I'm trying out a new shopping cart- so if you have trouble getting your keychain, let me know! ***

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Gina said...

It's wonderful to see so many more people following a vegan lifestyle! Your vegan key chains are great!