Ceramic spoons. An obsession.

Spoons. I wrote a tutorial on making spoons in 2011. You can find it here.  Admittedly, since then, I've mainly made plain spoons for my salt cellars:
Always in the back of my mind though, are those illustrated little spoons. So I made some more. And I made some bigger spoons, too.
The small scale is perfect for my drawing style. And I like that the spoons can be functional or just used for decoration. A hole was made in the handle of the larger spoons so that it can be easily displayed on a wall.

These spoons are a total labor of love. Time-consuming. Plus, I am still in the "practice" phase. Learning how to draw better and which spoon shapes I like the most.

Simple matras are added to some of the handles: "celebrate," "add some love," or just "be love." One of my goals for this year is to recognize the love that is all around and to enjoy what it is that I already have. Making these spoons and inscribing them with these little messages somehow re-affirms them with me.

If interested, you can find some spoons available for purchase here.

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