I'm postponing the new year.

I enjoy the marking of a new year. The hanging of a new calendar. I make plans and write lists. I have new ideas and goals. It's a great thing- the new year. A clean slate, and all that. Normally, I'm all- "Happy New Year!" And "What is your goal for the coming year?" And "Yay! Another year- fresh start!!!"

But this year, I'm all- "Screw this."

You see, it was a tough start. And a tough end. And I'm not quite ready to cheer myself and others on yet.

But soon. Just give me a couple extra weeks. And then I will be all- "Ok! New Year! Here we go!"

So, I'm starting my 2013 late. And you can't stop me. Hell, you are even welcome to join me. Are you not quite ready to start the new year either? Join the club!

Until then- I sincerely hope you had a lovely 2012 and are well on your way to a great 2013!!


Cindii said...

Might be a little too soon for me too. I originally had all these ideas for 2013, but now I'm in a slump and I just don't want to do anything.

jeanette said...

Hi Cindii,

Same here. But I got myself back into the studio yesterday, so that actually did help.

I went to your blog and read today's post. So sad. Please give yourself time to mourn and process the loss. And don't worry about being in a slump.

Just get back to life when you are ready! It will still be there for you.
(at least that is what I am telling myself- trying to go easy on myself and not feel pressured.)