Summer Show Schedule! EVENTS!!!

Yay! I'm kinda excited for it all to begin. Time to haul out the old craft tent and spruce up the display.

I generally only do 2 or 3 craft shows, but this year I'm in OVERDRIVE. With a whooping 5 fairs and a WEDDING SHOW!

Here it is - the big rundown:

Please come out and say "hi!" I will be the dehydrated and sunburnt (let's hope! sun preferred over rain!) gal in the apron with all the colorful pottery.

April 30 & May 1
I really dig this show. My neighborhood (sorta.) Fun and boozy and foodie and crowded and a PARADE!!!

May 7
Quirky and cute craft show in downtown Athens. A wonderful show with some great local talent. Anyone need an excuse to eat at The Grit?

May 21 & 22
The ladies that bring us the amazing Indie Craft Experience are bringing us a wedding show! Looking forward to showing off my cake stands and introducing my registry!

June 4 & 5
An Atlanta classic. By now, it is sweltering hot and people are wandering around like zombies. But what lovely and friendly zombies they are! Great neighborhood. Fabulous vendors (like Mark Knott, a favorite potter of mine.)

June 11 & 12
A hands-down favorite. Love this show! Unique and wonderful vendors. From lots of local and not-so-local talent. And its inside!!!

June 25 & 26
I'm bringing my wares up to Chattanooga! This is the first time I will be doing this event, but I'm really looking forward to it. Maybe I'll get the chance to see Rock City on the way home?

And that's it! Hopefully you get the chance to support your local artists this summer and join in the good times at your favorite festival! (don't forget the sunscreen)


carter gillies said...

I will have to see if I'm in town for the Athens Craftstravaganza. I've never done the show before but some of my students have been in it. If I'm around I will stop by and say "Hi". Good luck! Oh yeah, and enjoy the Grit! My parents visit me from New Jersey as an excuse to eat there. Can't really blame them, the food is so good.

Judy said...

I'll see you at the Inman Park fest! Looking forward to meeting you, seeing your stuff in person, and seeing your mom again! Yay!

jeanette said...

Hi Carter- definitely come say hi, if you are in town. Would love to meet you! I have done the show once before, but that was a couple of years ago. Hoping Allya MacDonald will be there again?

Hi Judy- it will be lovely to meet you! I don't think mom knows quite what she is getting into- saying she wants to help with Inman Park!

Anonymous said...

Lucky Georgians! Do you ever do shows in upper Midwest? :D

Sweet Scarlet said...

Hi. Love your ceramics. Do you ship to Australia?