Purple Elephant Cake.

Go pick up a cupcake (or a whole cake!) and take a peek at some of my cake stands. Now for sale at Purple Elephant Cake in New York City.

Run by Candy and Jin, these ladies know how to bake a delicious sounding cupcake. After perusing their menu, I decided the "Sweet & Salty" sound divine, "a match made in heaven. Rich condensed milk cake, salty caramel buttercream topped with pink Himalayan fleur de sel drizzled with caramel." And will attempt a vegan version once the fall weather hits. (and after we have moved into our new apartment!!!! yay!!! moving!!!)


ChunkyPineapple said...

Congrats! The purple is beautiful!

I forgot to email you earlier about this, but I added a photo of and link to your blue cake stand on my new blog recently:
Come check us out!

Julie said...

that is a stunning colour! congrats on the new partnership and on moving! yay!

Amey said...

Oh, I love that color. Your cake stands are just so beautiful. Someday....

Hey, also, what about a "vegan" cake stand as part of your vegan line up???

Elisabeth said...

This is amazing!