And so it goes.

Since my last post, back in March, things have been a little bit crazy for me. In a good way. But today was my last craft show until September. So I will be able to catch up in the next month or so.

I have a lot of thinking/planning to do about my business. Where it is going and how I want to get there. It has become very clear that I need some organization. I like to think that I am on top of things, but it always feels like I am just barely on top of things. This slightest push, and the whole pile would fall right over. And then down into a chasm. Into a river, over a waterfall and out to sea.
This year has been good, but hard. I was very honored to be chosen as etsy's Featured Seller in April. However, this increase in activity has really made me recognize that I need to get it together a bit more. Especially if I want to continue growing and maintain some sanity.

Anyway, a quick parting shot of my booth. I would love to see other artist's booth shots. I always feel like I have a horrible booth shot to submit on applications. I never realized how sloppy my booth looked until I saw the photos. Would love some feedback and any insight into what jurors are looking for in a booth shot.

And a "Ding, Scratch and Dent Sale" at my studio. Because, good lord, I need to do some cleaning out!

Saturday, June 19th 10am-6pm
588 Woodward Ave. Atlanta 30312


Vicki said...

Yes, the thinking and planning about your business is hard to do (so many choices... so little time) but will give you a lot of peace of mind once you have a clear direction and know what you need to do next. Good luck figuring that out!

This is a good article about booth photography tips, as well as some examples (although not many with ceramics): http://www.bermangraphics.com/artshows/booth-slide.htm

naomemandeflores said...

Oh, that picture looks like heaven!!! Beautiful beautiful items!

alessandra caprini said...

Today I've just written an article on my blog where I've spoken about on of your product... I hope that you like it!!
You could find it here: http://design-you.blogspot.com/2010/06/sweet-day.html

Bye bye from Italy!

ZarpandiT said...

hi i'm Turkey! your works is very very very beatiful! i love yours cake stand,all ceramics :) i want buy all but we are very far :(((

Kelly said...

Just discovered your stuff via have cake, will travel! Sooo gorgeous. I'm thinking a purchase will soon follow. Your pieces are absolutely beautiful.

Ashlae said...

Once I have a surplus of funds, I'm buying 10 cake stands from you.. and the hanging bowls. My goodness, so gorgeous.

15 Painted Cups said...

I've seen your work on Etsy, but just found your blog today on the Wikiclay blog list. I just wanna say I love your booth display! The shelves and folding doors is such a neat idea for an easy to set up shelving system, and I love all the hanging items. I would love to have a booth display like yours! All your lovely colors stand out really well, too.