yay! for february!

I don't know how anybody else feels about it, but I'm glad January is over. It just felt like one set-back after another. First I couldn't get my clay. Then I couldn't get the kiln to fire properly. Plus, I learned that one of my glaze bases crazes on the clay I am switching to. Just couldn't seem to fire on all cylinders.

And I had such big plans for January. Oh well. Onward and upward! Things are already looking up. The Vegan Bake Sale raised over $1300 for Doctors Without Borders. Even though the weather was horrible. Thanks for organizing Kristin! So many yummy goodies were eaten. I definitely had my fill, don't you worry.

(sugar-free ceramic cupcakes by Heather at artreverie.etsy.com)


Anonymous said...

congrats on the 1300 for doctors without borders. i know that feeling and i'm glad january is over too. mine wasn't as bad as yours it sounds like, but the cold weather saps my enthusiasm. here's hoping feb. is much more productive

Vicki said...

I agree, why was January 2010 awful for everyone?

Thanks for the great blog btw, I just started following.