vegan mofo: winners and samosas.

Thanks for joining the giveaway everybody! I had fun looking at all the entries, like having my very own "best-of" list.
The winners were randomly chosen by my buddy Kenn, from little strips of paper in a box. So it was fair and square.
(Of course, you are all winners in my book... but I just didn't make enough to go around!)

Mug winners:

Keychain winners:
tiffany c
kelly g.

I will be emailing everyone in the next day or two to gather mailing addresses. If you don't hear from me, feel free to email me at vegandish@gmail.com!

I had a couple of food-making goals in mind when I started this month. And one of them actually got finished! (The other one did too, but I failed to take pictures as they didn't come out very pretty.) SAMOSAS!!!

I had been wanting to make samosas ever since I bought Vegan With a Vengeance (4 years ago??!!) But was a bit intimidated. I finally gave it a try. They totally ruled. I'll be making lots more of these. So many possibilities.

And now the mofo is done. Hopefully, I will continue to cook most nights. I really do enjoy it again. And I will continue to lurk in the vegan blog world to keep me inspired. Goodnight everybody!


Amey said...

oooooh, I didn't win! i have been compulsively checking all day to see if I would win. I love the Vegan MoFo mug so much... any chance I could buy one?
I've long admired your beautiful creations, but I don't think I can live without a vegan mofo mug.
ameyfm at yahoo dot com

pixiepine said...

Those samosas look delicious!
I am so excited about the vegan mug! Thank you :)

jeanette said...

Amey- I'm so sorry! I really kinda felt bad having some names leftover in the box! Give me a couple of weeks and I will make you one. :)
Because, surely, no one should die from a lack of vegan mofo mugs.

shannonmarie said...

I can't believe I actually won something. Thank you very much. You are so generous :-)

Anonymous said...

OMG I am so excited I won!!!! My email is fikustrees AT yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

hi jeanette... wanted to share this, we've been vegan for 4 + years now and of course at family functions when we make veggie chili or cous cous the relatives act like we brought a boiled stick to the party. also they won't even try what we made because they're so sure it tastes bad. anyway. sofia's birthday was yesterday and we usually celebrate it at the grandparents house... every year so far we've brought vegan chocolate cake (this year was the 1st time mom made it from scratch) and we don't mention that it's vegan. everyone eats it and raves about how great it is and can they take some home, etc. we're thinking we'd let them know after her 10th birthday.

pixiepine said...

Thank you so much for the mug- it is gorgeous! I feel super special drinking out of it. I made a blog post linking to your blog and etsy site that will post on 11/14.
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the mug! I got i yesterday and I absolutely love it!

shannonmarie said...

Thanks so much for the key chain. It arrived in the mail yesterday. Love it :-)

Catalina said...

Wow, I know this is really late but I just checked my dashboard and saw your comment. I'm really sorry about that.