vegan mofo: kitchen companion

This is Syd. He likes to hang out in the kitchen. Our kitchen is very small. There are 5 squares of linoleum from one counter to the other. You can see that he takes up two. But that's okay. He's a friendly guy and like to stand in the refrigerator when you open the door.

I got Syd a couple of months before I became vegan. I don't really recall if the two events are related. But it's hard to imagine that they aren't. Syd was my first pet that was my responsibility and I was living alone for the first time. I had transferred schools and was really just being lonely and lost and all college-y. Syd has been with me through all the apartment moves (12 in the last 15 years!) And is just a great friend.

(Though not vegan. Which I am not happy about. But am, quite frankly, just too scared to change. I have read Obligate Carnivore and think it makes an excellent case for vegan cats.)

(Dinner was kale, sweet potatoes, white beans and herb-y biscuits. I doused my plate with rice vinegar. Because that is how I roll.)


Dorothy said...

Syd fits right in with monochromatic meals. Why rice vinegar? New book that encourages vegetarian lifestyle and organic: "Go Green, Get Lean" by Kate Geagan

jeanette said...

Hi Mom! I just like the addition acid of the rice vinegar. It's a nice mellow vinegar. Especially good on greens.

Amey said...

Oh Syd's a cutie! this post is funny because I have been thinking about doing a kitchen companion post as well. That dinner looks so great. My otherwise wonderful boyfriend doesn't like sweet potatoes, and this makes me envious of your beautiful dinner!