nothing to see here.

Just a lovely handled serving platter. The pot in the previous post didn't make it out of the glaze firing. But I still liked it. Flaws and all. However, it is heavier than I like. Will have to do a better job of trimming the foot on the next attempt.

You know what fact runs in circles around my head? This one:
Ford's Model T (the first car, in 1908) got 20-25 MPG.
Mind-boggling. Thanks Big Oil!


jeanette said...

Nevermind. I stand corrected. It got 13-21 MPG.


Anonymous said...

still... you think there would have been more progress in 100 years. i totally dig the cutout underneath the handles

Caitlin said...


juanitatortilla said...

Well I like your stuff! Just did a feature in my blog on my favourite ceramic pieces, and you happen to be one of my faves :)