before and after.

A photo of the before and a couple of photos of the after. I like to plan out my glazing. Set it all out and write in pencil what each piece will be. Anybody else do this? It makes my glazing go so much faster.

I'm mostly happy with the watering can. Would love a critique!

Also working on some new photos. Need to update my gallery shots and application photos.


Mel said...

very beautiful! this makes me re-think my porcelain pieces that I wanted to glaze transparent, with a black underglaze in the details. the celadon seems to bring out the details just enough!

the watering can looks very nice! have you tried it yet? is it pouring out okay?

Jerry said...

What a great idea about penciling in the plan. Filing that one away.

I really like how the watering can turned out. The spout is fab, but I think my favorite aspect is the smooth line and curve of the spill guard opposite the handle. Wonderful form.

Amanda said...

I do really enjoy the watering can, and the new stamps on these forms!

Patricia Griffin said...

Looks great! Your idea about penciling in the glaze instructions is something I'm going to try. Thanks!

jeanette said...

Thanks all!

(Really, try the pencilling! So helpful!)

The watering can pours quite well. I was pleased. I think I will adapt the spout to some teapots, too.