And a merry day to you!

I'm really not much of a holiday person. My family is not nearby, and I don't have children. And most of my friends don't have children. So I really don't get into it.

But I do love the feeling of shared adventure that happens during this time of year. It is a special time. Even if all you do is admire your neighbors decorations.

As a big city dweller, I love to walk around the neighborhood on Christmas day and just enjoy the quiet. Nobody is out in the morning. There is no horn-honking. There is no traffic. Its just...aaaaaahhhhhh...quiet. As a country-girl at heart, I really love that.

Hope everyone has a lovely week and you celebrate the season however you wish.

I would like to take a second to thank everyone for their ongoing support and encouragement of my little clay business. I appreciate that I have a really wonderful opportunity everyday to continue doing what I love. And that is the best present of all!

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Great to have "met" you this year!!!!...or was it last year???