gosh...this is personal.

(studio re-construction...actually this picture was taken a couple of weeks ago...construction should be done this week!!!)

This is going to be a bit of a ramble. Sorry.

I very much struggle with the business-side of running my own business. The financial insecurity scares the bejeezus out of me. I frequently struggle to pay my bills. It is a roller-coaster. And I just don't know if I'm cut out for it.

The problem is, I wouldn't know what else to do. Go back to being a health food store grocery buyer? Go back to school and hope for scholarships to get me by? (What the hell would I study?)

I think the truth is that I just don't have the stamina and discipline to get it done. I just want to make stuff. I don't want to have to do the selling, too. I know what I need to do, I'm just a baby about doing it. Why?

Does the part of the brain that doesn't want to diet, the same part that doesn't want to do any marketing? Where is the motivational area of the brain located and what happened to mine?



lala said...

I stumbled upon your blog months ago...I am a artist/potter/maker of stuff, I have my own business with my studio in back and the gift shop in front. I love my job but it is such a struggle to keep it running and do all that it takes to be successful...when I just want to make stuff, but spend most of my time worrying about paying the bills...I feel for ya sister. I always feel that it will take off soon...I think I am where you are only in Washington State...hang in there.

Ellen said...

I don't know, Jeanette. I have been looking for something that would help motivate me to do the things that I don't want to do..like dieting and marketing. Perhaps an agent would be the thing. Someone who does the marketing so we can spend time creating. But, I imagine they would want to be paid, and then we are back struggling to make enough money to pay the bills. I hate to be discouraging. I think the secret is to be content with whatever you have and not let struggling to pay bills pull you down. You could have a 9-5 job, and still struggle. You know?

Kip said...

This is something that I think a lot of self-employed folks struggle with at some time or other (and I'm certainly dealing with right now, too). It's difficult to balance all the things that need to get done when you run your own business with the things that you want to get done. The making is just one facet of being successful (and often, it seems, not enough of my day). I'm not in love with marketing myself either, but I feel like the internet provides us with a lot more venues to display and sell our work. You certainly have a broad range of outlets for your pots and participate in a lot of great shows, I think you're doing the right things! Do you ever do any teaching/workshops? That can be a great way to market yourself, inspire others and bring in a little extra income!

jeanette said...

Thanks for the response. It is really helpful to know that others are struggling with the same issues. I'm enjoying everything right now, but know that this struggle will come up again!

I agree that being able to do this on the internet makes it much more plausible. I am not interested in going to art fairs every weekend and would love to have a business model that doesn't include fairs. And the idea of teaching is not terribly appealing. I have done it, and enjoy it but....

So for now, I am going to enjoy the holiday sales and start planning for next year.