Wax resist. A studio favorite.

This wonderfully orange liquid is multi-faceted. Not only is it great for glazing...keeping glaze away from where you don't want it. But it is really helpful in controlling the drying of pieces.

I used to get cracking at joints and handles when I tried to dry quickly. The uneven drying was just not good. Handles would dry quicker than the mug, and cause the handle to crack at the point of contact.

One way to solve this is to dry slowly. But, I'm not a fan of that technique.

This is where the wax resist comes in. Apply to the joint/handle after it has dried under plastic for one night. After that, the piece can air dry. So much faster than leaving it under plastic for days on end.

Yea! Wax!


ang said...

excellent tip, this one makes it to our club wall of things to try out, thanks much...

Caitlin said...

That's so cool! I love seeing all your little tips and tricks. It's so interesting to see more of the process.

Cheryl Alena Kinzel said...

You are my random studio tip hero.