Basket tray.

Nothing but pretties in this post.

I've been working on a couple of these handbuilt basket tray thing-ies. Oh-my how I like the way they look. But oh-my how they like to crack in the corners and on the bottom. My inexperience with handbuilding is starting to show as I try to get more technical and challenging in the forms.

Can I just take a second to say I love the glazes on these??!! (Still run like they are on fire, but so so so pretty.)


Jerry said...

What a great design idea. I love the way the cups and the tray relate to each other. And I really like the blue glaze. Hope that you can solve the cracking issues without too much trouble.

Julie said...

I think I like it better for how the glazes run and collect on the foot, it wouldn't be the same, otherwise. I like the blue better than the red, though, unless the photo color is just washed out. The different tones of the blue glaze are nice.

Have you considered pressing a little design into the clay 'handle' that the handle attaches to?

Studio√ČLAN said...

Very Pretty! What a great way to use a t-pot handle!


your work looks super....so sorry about that ridiculous accident... how are you coping?

jeanette said...

Julie- the picture is a little off, but I agree, I love the blue. I have never been a fan of reds....however I get quite a few requests for reds and thought I would give it a try!

Thanks Judi, Jerry and Eleanor!

The studio is crazy disorganized and there is a constant influx of insurance people coming to take pictures and measurements. Hopefully this won't take too long. We have continued to use the space (the kilns and equipment are fine) and have set-up temporary shop next door.