Motivation to keep on keepin' on.

Great clip from Ira Glass that is appropriate for anyone working in the arts/creative fields. Really timely for where I am at right now. I am working through my middle ground to get to where I want to be.

Please don't get me wrong, I like what I make. I really do. I wouldn't put it out there, if I didn't. I am proud of what I have accomplished. But my work doesn't quite match up to the standards that I'm shooting for. Know what I mean?


Julie said...

Oh boy do I ever. I took a master class - week-long-every-day-intense-workshop a couple of weeks ago. Same kinda thing.

I'll have to watch the video later, can't hear it right here at work.

Patricia Griffin said...

I totally know what you mean. For a long time, because of my "real" job and time constraints, I couldn't work consistently enough to develop and refine ideas. Now that I have more time, I'm feeling things progress, but sometimes at a snail's pace. Thanks so much for sharing this. I've told several of my artist friends to check it out!

jeanette said...

Glad its not just me!

Patricia- We seem to be on the same page! I quit my full-time job last year and over the course of the year, saw a lots of progress in my work. Just because I was able to produce so much more of it. (Now, I have a part-time job and am hoping to maintain that momentum.)

Julie- Great looking blog...love the soda!