Bunny-butt bowls!

Its spring! Which means bunnies! I've made a few bunny butt bowls (and some creamer and sugar jar sets to come later this week) to sell in my etsy shop (vegandish.etsy.com). 100% of the proceeds will go to the Farm Sanctuary.

While the bunny-butts make an occasional appearance in my pottery, I don't make them that often. (About once a year...usually around spring.) The bunny-butt stamp is handmade by me.


Michele D said...

Adorable! I think those bunny butts could be puppies too.

Mandi said...

Ok I have to tell you my sons LOVE my new bunny butt key chain (I recently ordered a mug for my friend for mother's day and you sent 2 for us -- you rock). Every time I get my keys my oldest (3 1/2) goes on and on about the Bunny Butt. It's adorable. :-)

jeanette said...

Thanks ya'll! I love the bunny-butt and I'm glad its gotten such a good reception! (Even though it also looks like a puppy...which is fine by me...I like things that can multi-task!)