I went a little overboard. I couldn't seem to stop. Can't wait to see how these turn out. I'm really not a frilly-frilly girly-girl. Really. But you'd never know it from the look of these small dishes.


Sandra said...

I love your pots! Do you use a mould when you make them or do you do it by hand?

jeanette said...

Sandra- These dishes are handmade using slabs of clay, and plaster molds of old cut-glass dishes (for the pattern). I free-hand cut the scallops. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

OMG...I LOVE THEM! i can't wait to see your things up close and personal. looking forward to our meeting next week.


barbjensen said...

I just wrote a post on my blog about vases and spring and included a picture of one of your vases with a link to your etsy shop. I hope that is okay.
you can take a look at:
Beautiful work! Hooray for Spring!

jeanette said...

Thanks Barb! I'm a huge fan of your soba cups. So stunning!